Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bear Lake 2009

The Miles clan all together

Jesson and Alec playing in the sand

Lucas trying to surf

Leslie enjoying sun

Jakob and Alec

Hallie and Crystal

Jakob and Anglee

Jesson loving the sand

Looking for more sand to eat

Looking for tadpoles and fish (Lucas, Lilly, Gracie)

The week after Lake Powell we went to Bear Lake with the Miles Family. We had a great time playing in the sand and spending time together as a family. The kids really enjoyed finding tadpoles and little fish in the marsh area. We also enjoyed going to get the famous raspberry shakes every night. Thanks to Dustin and Lauren for helping us get the cabin. It makes Bear Lake so much more enjoyable. Thanks to all the family who came and helped with meals and stayed to help clean up the cabin. To those who were not able to come, you were greatly missed.

Lake Powell 2009

Uncle Mike with Jesson
Best Cousins!!! Parker and Gracie

Lucas climbing the rocks

Gracie Bobbing in the water

Lucas and Ciel playing in sand

The Sandstrom clan in their Ti Died shirts

Just a family bobbing around in Lake Powell

The Month of July has been really busy for us. We started out the month with the Sandstrom family to Lake Powell. Though a few members were missing this year we had a great time. Lots of fun in the sun, food and ti died shirts. That makes any trip wonderful. Thank you John and Jude for giving us such a great way to spend time as a family. You were really missed.