Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Walk

What a beautiful world. I am loving every bit of spring this year. Today I woke up and had a sudden thought to go for a walk. Rory was already awake with the three kids and had already had his fill, but when I told him I wanted to go for a walk he said "go and enjoy" what a great guy. It was so nice. It had rained all night and everything was still wet and crisp. I just loved walking and seeing all the nice green grasses,beautiful spring flowers and birds chirping everywhere.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Climbing Mount Everest

On a daily basis we wait very patiently (ha ha ha) for daddy (Rory) to come home. Today Jesson has found a new way to wait. Yes to us it is just a couch but to him it is Mount Everest. Notice how he doesn't give up and just keeps pushing himself until he reaches the top. Wow what a proud moment for us all.

Jesson showing us his climbing ability.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was wonderful. It was a busy morning with kids finding Easter buckets full of fun things and getting ready for church in new Easter cloths. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the kids in their Easter cloths. It was nice to remember that Jesus died for us then was resurrected on the third day, so we may live with our Heavenly Father again. It was special to hear my children tell me about the Easter story after Church and to know that they are understanding the story a little bit more every time it is told to them. Lucas was excited to tell me about the rock being moved from the tomb where Jesus laid and Gracie enjoyed singing Easter songs in sacrament with the primary. Going for a Sunday drive in the new car and then talking to family on the phone completed our day. We hope you all had a great Easter Day.

Easter Egg Coloring

We loved coloring Easter eggs. I think this is the first time my kids have ever done this. They always received plastic Easter eggs in their basket but this year we thought they would enjoy the coloring process. They absolutely loved it. Jesson just enjoyed his apple while all the festivities were going on.

Our new car

On Friday night after the zoo Rory came home with a new car. Yes a car. We are finally rid of the Ford Expedition. Luckily the car fits all of the car seats really well with leg room, for the kids, to spare. We are ready for a new adventure and going from SUV to a car is definitely and adventure. It is a Chevrolet Malibu Max.

To the Zoo with the Browns

This weekend was full of fun adventures for us. On Friday we were able to go to the Zoo with the Brown family. It was fun. Lucas really got into all the animals. He loved the monkeys and kept calling the Ring Tail Lemurs "raccoons." As you can see Jesson enjoyed every minute when he wasn't sleeping. Everyone enjoyed the animals and had a great time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lucas & President Henry B. Eyring

Well it is conference weekend and we spent half of it in Idaho and the other half at home. Saturday we were in Idaho at my parents house and we were watching conference when my mother walked in to ask who the last speaker was and we told her it was Elder Quentin L. Cook of the twelve. Lucas looked at us funny and said I quote "no it isn't its Henry B. Eyring" since he was the one speaking at the moment. That was a proud moment for me. One week before we had our primary activity which was about hero's. Our hero's were the first presidency and also the twelve apostles. They got to learn something about each one of them and then received flash cards to have when they were watching conference. Well silly mom (me) left them at home and so to my shock but delight Lucas remembered President Henry B. Eyring. So this is a proud day for me but also since I'm in the primary presidency it was good to know that yes the kids were listening and learning about these modern day hero's.