Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yellowstones Bear World

This last weekend we went up to Idaho to visit my parents where they took us to Yellowstones Bear World. It was so much fun. We stayed in our car and drove around to see at least 30+ bears playing, sleeping and roaming. It was fun to see bears so close. We had one that actually walked right along our car with us. When you go inside the fenced in area they have baby bears that are so cute and fun to watch. You can even feed them their bottles. Along with bears we saw elk, deer, buffalo and moose. The kids loved the petting zoo with all different farm animals in it, Jesson really loved the goats. Of course to finish the day we had to enjoy the homemade huckleberry ice cream. What a great trip.
Entrance to Bear World, Pucker up Gracie!!!, Jesson loving the goats
Loving the homemade ice cream.

Gracies' a 2nd Grader

Well Gracie is officially a 2nd grader now. For their last expedition they learned all about bugs. We actually got to go to BYU's insect museum where they got to see all the insects they had been studying. There is nothing like being on a school bus with 40 something screaming 1st graders with 10 adults to try to wrangle all the chaos. Now that is an experience. At Gracies celebration of learning she got to show us her ladybug that she made out of clay and also her class mates and her got to perform songs and poems about insects for all their family members.

Gracie and her lady bug and her class mates.

This is Gracie with her teacher Mr. Dalton and her friends Miranda and Olyvia.

Rory's 32n'd Birthday!

Well yes it has come around again. Rory is 32! This year Rory chose to have a quiet birthday at home with the family. Instead of a cake we made cinnimon rolls. This was great. We all loved them, some more then others.