Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sleeping with Poka Dots

One of our big projects this month was paining Gracie's room. She had to sleep down in her room for a whole month to get it painted in the colors she wanted and also in the way she wanted. She chose to have one wall painted bright pink and to add orange poka dots. She came up with the idea herself but of course mom and dad had to agree. It took a while to get he room done because of illness and lack of time but now that it is done we think it turned out really cute. She is now working on getting a manicure. She has to not bite her fingernails for a whole month and then she will get to have a mani with mom. This one has been a tad bit harder for her. It is really hard to break habits but this one we thought really needed some help. Nothing like a little incentive.