Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where's Lucas

Do you remember those books called "Where's Waldo?" Well today Lucas and I were raking leaves and he kept saying "mom come find me" and I would go over to see him covered in leaves. He absolutely loved doing this. Isn't it so nice to see such little things keep kids happy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Prayer

I usually don't blog so close but I thought this was definitely blog worthy. Last night after family home evening we all knelt down for family prayer. Jesson usually sits on one of our laps or just roams the room until we are done, but last night was definitely something new. After Lucas was done saying the prayer we looked over to see Jesson laying by us. So I had everybody stay in their spots so I could take a picture but by the time I got back Jesson had moved, so I said " lets have prayer" and immediately he went back to his spot and laid down. It was so cute to see him actually trying to be part of us during prayer and not squirming and fighting us when we try to make him sit and be still. As you can see in the picture he has two older siblings and a dad who are great examples for him.... At least in kneeling during family prayer:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our little Gobblins

Okay so we had no little goblins this year for Halloween but we did have a Sports Dude (Jake Roberts) Pig (Parker Sandstrom) Witch (Gracie) Devil (Jesson) and Alligator (Lucas.) We had a great time this year with the Sandstrom family for Halloween. We spent Halloween with them last year also, during a very sad time with the funeral of our 16 year old niece Lindsay Sandstrom the day before Halloween in 2008. The kids remembered Halloween as a good memory during that hard time so we decided it was good to keep that happy memory going. So we ate soup and made homemade spudnuts (doughnuts) and watched a great video of John and Jude Sandstrom (who are in Nauvoo on their mission) singing and dancing. The kids stayed warm and came home with buckets full of candy. What else could you ask for?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Newest West Jordan High Cheerleader

This last week Gracie was able to participate in a cheer leading camp at West Jordan High. On Thursday we went to the High School for Gracie to learn cheers and a dance, which they would perform the next night at half time during the football game. From the moment we got to the school Gracie was in tears scared. She did not want to go with the "big girls" she said they scared her and made her nervous. So, she cried for the first half hour attached to my arm until a friend from the ward came. Then she popped up ready to go out with not a single tear. Funny how that happens. When game time came she was pretty excited to go out onto the field to perform her cheers and dance. It was great to see her out there strutting her stuff and acting like a real cheerleader, with her jumps and rallying. The next day she asked when the next game was so she knew when she would need to be ready to cheer West Jordan High on again. Thank goodness we have until basketball season to do it again.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A lot has happened since our last post, I've just been to lazy to post. In August Gracie started school again. She is now officially a first grader. Going to school all day was really hard, but now she really enjoys it. On September 28 Lucas turned four. Yes we have a 4 year old. He was so excited to get his Bumble Bee Transformer, money from both sets of grandparent and a sword and gun from our friends the Browns. Yes, I attempted to make a transformer cake it looks more like a weird guy with sunglasses but Lucas figured it out right off so I guess it was okay. Life is good and we are all healthy and happy. What more can you ask for?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bear Lake 2009

The Miles clan all together

Jesson and Alec playing in the sand

Lucas trying to surf

Leslie enjoying sun

Jakob and Alec

Hallie and Crystal

Jakob and Anglee

Jesson loving the sand

Looking for more sand to eat

Looking for tadpoles and fish (Lucas, Lilly, Gracie)

The week after Lake Powell we went to Bear Lake with the Miles Family. We had a great time playing in the sand and spending time together as a family. The kids really enjoyed finding tadpoles and little fish in the marsh area. We also enjoyed going to get the famous raspberry shakes every night. Thanks to Dustin and Lauren for helping us get the cabin. It makes Bear Lake so much more enjoyable. Thanks to all the family who came and helped with meals and stayed to help clean up the cabin. To those who were not able to come, you were greatly missed.

Lake Powell 2009

Uncle Mike with Jesson
Best Cousins!!! Parker and Gracie

Lucas climbing the rocks

Gracie Bobbing in the water

Lucas and Ciel playing in sand

The Sandstrom clan in their Ti Died shirts

Just a family bobbing around in Lake Powell

The Month of July has been really busy for us. We started out the month with the Sandstrom family to Lake Powell. Though a few members were missing this year we had a great time. Lots of fun in the sun, food and ti died shirts. That makes any trip wonderful. Thank you John and Jude for giving us such a great way to spend time as a family. You were really missed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kindergarten Graduate

So much has happened since my last post, so I need to make up for lost time. Gracie is now done with school. Her last day was June 10th. This is a picture of Gracie and her teachers Mrs. Emily Pehrson and Mrs. Maria Garcia. She really enjoyed kindergarten but is also excited for first grade. Being a good mom (in my eyes) and a mean mom (in Gracie's eyes) I signed Gracie up for summer Spanish classes with Mrs. Maria. She has been going for a week now and has one more week to go. She tells me she really likes it and brags how much more Spanish she knows then I do. I'm glad to see someone in this family excited to know Spanish. To hear Gracie say it "Mom I'm a lot Mexican." We will work on the proper use of "Hispanic" further down the road.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm A Big Kid Now!!!!!

Well it has finally happened. "Jesser John" (Jesson) is walking. He was taking little steps at 10 months but now that he has hit 11 months he has taken off. He loves walking and finding out where and what he can get into. Its hard to think that he is almost a year. Time goes by so fast.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cereal and Sesame Street

As everybody knows my children wake up way, way, way to early in the morning. I woke up this morning not hearing any children playing or fighting, so naturally I thought they were still sleeping and I would get a few extra moments in bed. To my surprise no they were in front of the T.V. Gracie who is now six is our little mother hen. This is what happened (as told to me by Lucas) "Mom we didn't want to wake you so sissy turned on the T.V. and got Jesson out of bed and put him in his walker so he wouldn't crawl away then she got me cereal and mom I ate it in the front room." As you can see in the picture Gracie took care of everything. She put Jesson in the walker and kept him quiet by giving him cereal, but Lucas of course also needed food so they all sat and watched Elmo while eating dry cereal in the front room. So no worries at my house Gracie has it all under control.

Monday, May 4, 2009

8th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our (Rory & Karen's) eighth wedding anniversary. I was so surprised to see him walk in the door tonight carrying a dozen red roses. I must say I am very lucky and blessed to have married such a great guy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yeah I'm Six!!!!!!!

Today is Gracie's birthday and we have had a lot of fun. She opened her gift from both sets of grandparents on Friday and had a party on Saturday. Lucas also gave his present to her on Saturday because he just couldn't hold in the excitement of giving her a gift. Our family friends the Browns also gave her, her gift on Saturday. As always we woke up early and sang happy birthday to her in bed and she opened her presents from mom and dad. The rest of the day was quiet until dinner where she ate her favorite meal, homemade Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, steamed broccoli and salad. We then had cake and ice cream. Luckily Gracie had her brother next to her or else I don't think she could have blown out her candles. We love our "Maisey Daisy" and are so glad that she is our daughter.

Gracies' Spa Birthday Party

Birthday Party Time!!!!! I decided on a Spa birthday party for Gracie because she loves having her finger and toenails painted and had been begging me to paint them for a few weeks. Every girl got their own birthday bag with polish, flip flops, flower hair clip and ring pop inside. The girls all had their feet in tubs of water and soap, while being waited on by family and friends, who fed them lunch and while they ate and watched a movie we painted and decorated their toe nails. When their nails dried they each were able to decorate their own flip flops with jewels shaped like hearts, diamonds, flowers and butterflies. Gracie then opened her gifts and they all ate piggy cup cakes. Of course the festivities had to end but it was a lot of fun. Thanks to all my helpers, Aunt Jane, Cousins Tiffany and Crystal, family friends Tricia and Jessica. We all had a great time.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Walk

What a beautiful world. I am loving every bit of spring this year. Today I woke up and had a sudden thought to go for a walk. Rory was already awake with the three kids and had already had his fill, but when I told him I wanted to go for a walk he said "go and enjoy" what a great guy. It was so nice. It had rained all night and everything was still wet and crisp. I just loved walking and seeing all the nice green grasses,beautiful spring flowers and birds chirping everywhere.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Climbing Mount Everest

On a daily basis we wait very patiently (ha ha ha) for daddy (Rory) to come home. Today Jesson has found a new way to wait. Yes to us it is just a couch but to him it is Mount Everest. Notice how he doesn't give up and just keeps pushing himself until he reaches the top. Wow what a proud moment for us all.

Jesson showing us his climbing ability.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was wonderful. It was a busy morning with kids finding Easter buckets full of fun things and getting ready for church in new Easter cloths. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the kids in their Easter cloths. It was nice to remember that Jesus died for us then was resurrected on the third day, so we may live with our Heavenly Father again. It was special to hear my children tell me about the Easter story after Church and to know that they are understanding the story a little bit more every time it is told to them. Lucas was excited to tell me about the rock being moved from the tomb where Jesus laid and Gracie enjoyed singing Easter songs in sacrament with the primary. Going for a Sunday drive in the new car and then talking to family on the phone completed our day. We hope you all had a great Easter Day.

Easter Egg Coloring

We loved coloring Easter eggs. I think this is the first time my kids have ever done this. They always received plastic Easter eggs in their basket but this year we thought they would enjoy the coloring process. They absolutely loved it. Jesson just enjoyed his apple while all the festivities were going on.

Our new car

On Friday night after the zoo Rory came home with a new car. Yes a car. We are finally rid of the Ford Expedition. Luckily the car fits all of the car seats really well with leg room, for the kids, to spare. We are ready for a new adventure and going from SUV to a car is definitely and adventure. It is a Chevrolet Malibu Max.

To the Zoo with the Browns

This weekend was full of fun adventures for us. On Friday we were able to go to the Zoo with the Brown family. It was fun. Lucas really got into all the animals. He loved the monkeys and kept calling the Ring Tail Lemurs "raccoons." As you can see Jesson enjoyed every minute when he wasn't sleeping. Everyone enjoyed the animals and had a great time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lucas & President Henry B. Eyring

Well it is conference weekend and we spent half of it in Idaho and the other half at home. Saturday we were in Idaho at my parents house and we were watching conference when my mother walked in to ask who the last speaker was and we told her it was Elder Quentin L. Cook of the twelve. Lucas looked at us funny and said I quote "no it isn't its Henry B. Eyring" since he was the one speaking at the moment. That was a proud moment for me. One week before we had our primary activity which was about hero's. Our hero's were the first presidency and also the twelve apostles. They got to learn something about each one of them and then received flash cards to have when they were watching conference. Well silly mom (me) left them at home and so to my shock but delight Lucas remembered President Henry B. Eyring. So this is a proud day for me but also since I'm in the primary presidency it was good to know that yes the kids were listening and learning about these modern day hero's.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nap Time At The Sandstroms

Nap time at the Sandstrom house is a "contact sport." Not only does Lucas want to nap with you but he wants to nap on you. Dad (Rory) found this out last Friday when he awoke to Lucas sleeping on his back. I thought it was so cute and funny that I had to film it but also take a photo for future laughing. Nothing like father/son bonding.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It is spring and we are enjoying the sun as much as we can. The day was warm but the wind still had a bit of a chill to it. It was fun to watch Gracie, Lucas and Jesson enjoy being outside. We definately have spring fever.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are excited to finally have a blog. We hope you enjoy spending time with our family. These are our children Gracie, Lucas and Jesson. Gracie is 5 and is in kindergarten. She enjoys writing in her journal and listening to her music (usually at the same time.) Lucas is 3 and enjoys watching Tom & Jerry and tormenting his brother (also, usually at the same time.) Jesson is 6 months and likes to smile and exploring anywhere his little body will take him.